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Problems with following peertube channel

Hello. I'd like to follow #apconf2020 #PeerTube channel @ActivityPub Conference . I've followed it, but I cannot see it on my contacts list. Also adding it or removing from any group does not work. On contact page I can see "Unfollow" button and a tick next to "Friends" group:

cc: @Mikolaj @Friendica Support
@Erwin Ernst eest9 Steinhammer He is not using Mastodon. 😀
@Loziniak I just tried to add the channel as contact. It was successful. I also moved it to another contact group. I'm on current develop code.
Your instance of Friendica is on a pretty old version. It's likely that we fixed a lot of things in the meantime.
We will do the instance upgrade to the newest version the next weekend. Hope this may solve the problem.
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Thank you guys!
I think I handled this. However, I cannot import any post from them through pasting it into search field. Probably another bug :-) Example post:

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