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What do you call a person who believes numerous very different ideologies can lead into successful societies?

Like if you believe that a conservative free market society can lead into prosperity, as can liberal socialism?

is it ideology next to others? Or a synthesis of them?
Like you can build society on totally different ways, but reach good outcomes.
well, if they don't limit it it to a set of ideologies, or are at least willing to consider new ones, I might call them open-minded 😆

Your concept is about some who believes multiple pure strategies could work? (I.e. con free market OR liberal socialism, but not a mix?)
I was thinking of a perspective where you believe you can have societies that are entirely different in how they operate, but still lead to good outcomes.
I think the basic principle is called equifinality. See

Don’t know what the person would be called though. Equifinalist?
This is brilliant thanks, will look into this more. Kiitos!

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