No matter what they say - the war is not over & the revolution will continue. We greet all those who have been on the streets in recent weeks!

Our thoughts about the invasion and the resistance against it:

#riseup4rojava #WomenDefendRojava https://pic.twitter.com/nLddpwAfvG

Das Recht der Besitzenden

Strajk w czarny piątek
author='Nowy Obywatel' profile='https://quitter.pl/profile/nowyobywatel' avatar='https://quitter.pl/photo/11934998845cc9ed941dd12523748458-5.png?ts=1575073266' guid='5f617517-835d-e152-178b-f89343369283' posted='2019-11-29 17:15:03' link='https://quitter.pl/display/5f617517-835d-e152-178b-f89343369283']Strajk w czarny piątek

Is there a way to have just one account in the #fediverse, instead of creating multiple accounts on #mastodon, #pixelfed, #peertube, #funkwhale servers? In other words, is there a way to decouple identity from content, now or in the future?

Selbst, wenn man schon häufig in das große Loch am #HambacherForst geschaut hat, sind die Dimensionen der Zerstörung schwer zu fassen.

Ich habe den Köner Dom daher maßstabsgetreu in die Kohlegrube gesetzt.


Accomplice in crimes

The Russian consulate in #Frankfurt, Germany, was marked with color.

With their joint patrol with the Turkish invaders in NE #Syria, #Russia is supporting
🇹🇷 facism, ISIS & the genocide in Rojava, we'll never remain silent about these deeds.



#UK harass its citizens who came to fight #ISIS with the YPG in #Syria (article linked below).

Today in UK, if you are fighting ISIS fascism, you are judge and YOU're the Terrorist!

#RiseUp4Rojava https://pic.twitter.com/ik90bns7sk

Montage from the Turkish-Russian patrols of today near #Kobane in NE #Syria.

Locals welcomed them with rocks and Molotov cocktails.

Best moral-raising ever! Her Biji!

#RiseUp4Rojava https://pic.twitter.com/mYRf3E4qNx

A volunteer from @HeyvaKurd, the Kurdish Red Crescent, talks about the humanitarian crisis in NE #Syria.

"All international NGO left. There is not enough support."

About their action he says:
"It's just being a bandage on a gaping wound" https://pic.twitter.com/QTzVHpSW5B

Update from our friends in Til Temir today.

"Quite a mixed atmosphere here. We have seen some people quite calmly packing up their things and leaving but many also vowing to stay.
Also finally seeing influx of internationalists."

#ResistanceDiaries https://pic.twitter.com/xNXKhxfGKM

Today was the 6th joint patrol mission of Turkish and Russian forces in western countryside of Dirbêsiyê.

As with the patrols before that, people throw stones and shoes at the tanks of the occupation forces, to show that they don't want them on their land.

#riseup4rojava https://pic.twitter.com/qYAGy3cQuP

#ResistanceDiaries 10

Internationalists are reporting about the resistance of the people of Northsyria against the fascist invasion. From Derik and Til Temir to Serekaniye, we are joining the people in the defense of the Rojava revolution


Rojava Information Center:
"We spoke to a protester present at yesterday's Turkish-Russian patrol, who provided this new footage.

He said: "People threw paint bottles & oil bottles and drove the vehicles off the road.

Such protests give the people strength. They will never accept the Turkish occupiers."

Anytime someone new on this planet hears about Rojava,
Anytime an article on democratic confederalism or jineology is read,
Anytime people take action in favor of the revolution,
It makes our ideology immortal.
And by this we are winning this war.

Learn, support, organize ! https://pic.twitter.com/hqNfw5ZKwr

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