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Firefox - Total Cookie Protection

New Firefox release announcement:

Today, we are announcing Total Cookie Protection for Firefox, a major new milestone in our work to protect your privacy. Total Cookie Protection stops cookies from tracking you around the web by creating a separate cookie jar for every website. Total Cookie Protection joins our suite of privacy protections called ETP (Enhanced Tracking Protection). In combining Total Cookie Protection with last month’s supercookie protections, Firefox is now armed with very strong, comprehensive protection against cookie tracking

Nowy profil RSS

Na pojawił się nowy profil RSS:
Zapraszamy 😀

Raz jeden piekarz z Przemyśla
Przypalał bułki z wieczora
Chciał w ten sposób zaprotestować
Przeciwko rządom Kaczora

@Wojgx @LewicowyHub - Wasza kolej 😉

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by Omid Armin
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Site update has been updated to the latest stable Friendica release 2021.01
Have a fun :)

Site update has been updated to the newest stable friendica version - 'Red Hot Poker' 2020.09-1. Please report any potential problems.

@Loziniak - is it solving your issue?
@Mikolaj fixed, thanks!
Oh, no. Actually not. Still cannot "import" posts from PeerTube by pasting a link in search input. Problematic link:

Artinu - RPN Calculator

Simple but pretty usable - online RPN calculator with 4 level stack visible.
Stack management and behavior similar to HP 42S, but supports only basic arithmetic.

Help files contain real-life usages examples - available in English and Polish.

This entry was edited (7 months ago) - świetny pakiet do generowania losowych danych, które wyglądają jak prawdziwe. Bardzo wygodny - nie trzeba testować algorytmów na prawdziwych danych, które podlegają ochronie.
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